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Walkable Downtown

Local + Unique Dining

Innovative Economy

Indiana University

Outdoor Quality of Life


The Trades District​ is a quick walk, bike or scooter ride to downtown restaurants, shopping, cultural attractions, core neighborhoods and downtown housing. You may want to take your time, however. Bloomington’s streets ooze charm, invite strolling, and have a true sense of place.

Known for its eclectic, locally-owned dining establishments, Bloomington also has multiple craft breweries, a distillery, wineries, and nightlife attractive to people of all ages. There is no better way to experience the diversity of Bloomington than through its cuisine.

The Bloomington region is home to a multi-billion dollar life sciences industry, higher education, the world’s third largest naval base, and a vast array of “under the radar” businesses. The Trades District​ is in a TIF District, state certified Technology Park, and Urban Enterprise Zone. In addition, The Trades District is located in one of the newly created Opportunity Zones, providing additional tax incentives for investment.

Indiana University is world renowned for its beautiful campus, academics and athletics. Less known is that The Trades District​ is the west anchor of an emerging 10th Street innovation corridor. The corridor includes Luddy Hall, home to the IU School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering, the IU Kelley School of Business, and the IU Technology Park — home to IU’s information technology services, data center, and IT infrastructure. Adjacent to the park, construction is underway on the 700,000 SF IU Health Regional Academic Health Center.

When the time comes to get away from work, there are hills, forests, lakes, and limestone just beyond the city limits and trails to get you there. Outdoor amenities abound in all directions, including Lake Monroe and the Hoosier National Forest to the south, Brown County State Park to the east, and Lake Lemon and Morgan Monroe State Forest to the north. Some of the Midwest’s best mountain biking, hiking, camping and water sports are just minutes away.

Today’s workforce requires a high quality of life inside and outside the work environment. With its historic past and bright future, The Trades District​ is human scale, exciting, and authentic. For companies that locate here, their home will be both a physical address and a talent recruiting tool. The era of sterile, suburban office parks where one drives for everything are over. If where we are isn’t special, is it worth being there at all?